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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The End. For Real.

For the last two years, this blog has been a witness to my journey back to sanity.

That journey changed me forever.

I almost did not make it.

But I did.

I am...

Grateful that I was able to appreciate the simple things in life, the ones that make me happy.

Blessed that I still have my family and friends who stood by me in my actions and decisions.

Loved, because I have Him even if I felt so alone in my difficult and at times, painful journey.

Whoever read this nonsense, I hope and pray that he/she will be inspired...

To follow a dream...

To learn from mistakes...

And more importantly, to believe.

As I close this blog, a new chapter in my life begins.

I can't wait!

- Atty. Rose

Monday, October 27, 2008

Meet Curry

My Haikoo(SM) Zoo pet, Curry

... and yes, she's named after that famous broadcaster.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lola's Day

It's Lola's birthday today. Unfortunately, she's in the hospital because she had seizures. Thank God it's not stroke.

She will be in the hospital for a few more days, but she's stable now.

Happy birthday, Lola!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Don't mind me

Why did I suddenly feel like 12 again?

I know older people wanted to relive their youth, but for me, NOT the time--

when I had bad breakouts (acne)...

when I had a few friends in high school (except 4th year)...

when I had my first taste of reality...

when a lot of my childhood dreams went bust...

In essence, when I had a lot of insecurities.

I was painfully shy when I was younger. Even now when I have my crappy days, I couldn't help but go back to those pre-teen days. And I thought, I was supposed to overcome my insecurities years ago. Up to this time, I would still encounter some kind of a deja vu and take me back in time.

If I were to turn back the clock, however, I would like to go back to my college years. Somehow, my course/professors brought me the confidence to aspire for greater things. Which helped me decide to take up law.

Initially, my reasons for taking up law are as follows:
1. I want to be like my mother, despite all her quirks.
2. I wanted retaliation from my insecurities of my failed childhood and miserable youth. (Now this is only an exaggeration, but you get the idea.)

These, I know are the wrong reasons.

I think Mama was surprised with my decision. She tried so hard to discourage me. She only permitted me to take the UP and Ateneo Entrance Exam. I did not pass. I took them again the year after. I did not pass. Only this time I took exams in other law schools. I picked UST. Thankfully, I graduated there.

There is however a valid reason why I took up law, or else, I wouldn't have survived--I wanted to challenge myself.

Five years of getting through every semester in law school and three years of uncertainty has taught me well. I had to dig deep on why I really wanted to join the law profession. And it's because I wanted to achieve something unexpected of me. For me, the shy and timid girl who longs for a place to shine. Who chose to take risks and have courage to overcome life's trials. This, I think would be the legacy of my 20s.

I'm 29 now. Been through a lot, really. Oh, I would like to go back and relive some of my happiest moments of my youth. But I'm happy where I am now because this is where I'm supposed to be.

As I approach my 30's soon (well, next year), I would like to have a family, for the right reasons. But for now, I just wanted to concentrate on becoming a good lawyer.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Latest Family Pic

Taken yesterday, 10/10/08, during bro's early birthday lunch in Pasig.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Last Bum Week

So anyway, I'm reporting to work on the 15th.

Things to do 'till then:

1. Make an inventory on the wardrobe

Shoes - Recently bought a new gold pair on a steal. And there's the brown loafers I bought after the results were released. And there's the black boots that I have not even worn formally yet. So there are three. If I can't stand the heels, I'd have to buy a pair of casual ballet flats. The satin rose pair is too pretty and formal.

Slacks/Pants - Last time I checked, I had about five decent ones: brown, a couple of black ones, navy blue (which is hard to pair with), and cream (for informal days). Maybe I should buy another one in dark or further raid Mama's closet.

Blazers - Definitely a must-have for lawyers. I am retiring my old black one I wore as law student. So that leaves the new black blazer I bought in August when I got the job, the pink one I "arbored" from Mama, and the navy blue. I think I still have another one recently bought in the Rustan's sale. Looks like I need to further raid Mama's closet.

Skirts - I have a couple of good black and brown ones. I have no plans on wearing these to work soon.

Blouses - I think I'm going to retire the ones I often wore in my last employment. But I still have a few good ones, including the white blouse I wore when I was vacationing in Cebu.

Accessories - Sadly, I have to say goodbye to my beloved clay food accessories. I still don't know how to dispose some of them. But I have a new pendant made, which I could definitely wear to work. I need to stock up again with more grown-up jewelry since most of my wardrobe are just plain and yes, boring.

Overall, I think I'm still good in the wardrobe department. But I think I might buy a few stuff for safety. Probably a new blouse or ballet flats.

2. Clean Up

This I have yet to do. I will start by cleaning up my desk or even the other side of my bed.

3. Organize Mama's notarial book

This one I sort of promised but have not really gotten into doing it. And it's already October. Shucks.

4. Get out of the house

One last gimmick or getaway. Sadly, due to limited funds, I'd have to do this myself and not go out with my friends 'till... maybe December.

I think this may be my last week as a person on welfare (read: unemployed). From then on, I will be caught up with the life in law and maybe, have an actual life.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Loving Lavender

So I'm loving things all lavender lately. The shade that I like is a mixture of violet and white, sort of light purple.

For three years now, my room is painted with the color:

Recently, I have a liking of clothes and stuff of this shade.

I found out in Wikipedia that lavender comes in many shades, like periwinkle (another popular shade), mauve, amethyst (my birthstone) and even halaya ube!

While I'm still a pink baby, I think lavender is a pretty good grown-up color.